Throwing Down the Powder-Puff Gauntlet – By Adeena Woodard

The Kutztown Area High School students prepare in great anticipation for the battle of the ages: the 2014 Powder Puff Championship. Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores, and Freshmen will be put to the test, and one true champion will walk away with the prize…the prize yet to be determined. “I think the prize for the winner should either be an assortment of medals, or gift cards…or both!” said Alyssa Wentzel, a high school Junior.

The Seniors always face off against the Freshmen in accordance to round one, while the Juniors battle heartedly against the Sophomores. The champions of the two individual duels then proceed to the final, which always seems to be Seniors vs. Juniors. Last year was an exception though! The Sophomores defeated the Juniors – won by quite a landslide frankly, and ventured to the final, only to be painfully defeated by the Seniors. That same Sophomore class, now currently a Junior class, is talking a big game for this upcoming competition.

“After a strong defensive stance last year, we are making a powerful comeback to win it all,” stated Wentzel.” Emily Ebling, another Junior, makes a bold statement: “Juniors are gonna crush this year!” We can only hope that all this talk eventually becomes a true reality.

Overall, community members are encouraged to come to view the event. “Last year it was pretty well organized,” said Ebling. “And I think there will be an even more successful turnout since it’s the second year we’re doing it.”

When asked about how last year’s experience panned out for high school Junior Rachael Williamson, (a spectator), she declared, “It was very good. I thoroughly enjoyed the male cheerleaders. I think we could spice it up more towards the end to keep it exciting.”

As one can tell, the Junior class of 2015 is extremely determined to win it all this year. The Seniors will have to work hard to fend them off, and protect their Seniority stance, or else the pyramid will be disrupted—egos shattered.

Get workin’ class of 2014! – Sincerely, class of 2015.

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