A Thriving Track Community – by Adeena Woodard

           In years past, Kutztown’s total participation numbers have dwindled; suffered. Luckily, with the “shipment” of new Brandywine students, the track team’s numbers have soared! Muscles flaring, lungs bursting, the Kutztown Area Track Team sprints towards a prosperous and exciting spring season.


           Having twice as many people than last year brings many differing benefits. “We’re probably going to be able to be more competitive in meets because we’ll have people who can compete in all the events,” said Austin Corey, a junior member of the team. Kutztown isn’t very well known for winning duel meets, but Corey states otherwise: “Yes, we will absolutely win this year.”


           What are the coaches like? “Demanding—they expect a lot out of us!” claimed Erica Onorofsky, a sophomore. No sports team is complete without the persistent push of a drilling coaching staff! According to Onorofsky, a traditional practice consists of “warm-ups, some kind of long-run, core, stretching, etc.”


           Some might wonder with the new mixing of two different schools, if there is any conflict / tension. In many other sports, Brandywine is actually an extreme rival. “I don’t think that the mixing has an affect. In fact, I think it’s better to have more people. There’s nobody who’s a jerk or anything so it doesn’t really matter,” said Corey. The team meshes together well and newfound friendships emerge, evidently.


           The team’s first meet was supposed to be held Tuesday, March 25th, but was postponed due to bad weather. Waiting in great anticipation, the team will compete this upcoming Tuesday. Keep us in your hearts and hope for an outstanding season this year! Running, jumping, and hurdling towards victory.

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