Bats at the Ready: Kutztown Girls Softball – by Pat Marzi

    The weather warms, the flowers bloom, and that means softball season is in its midst. The Kutztown Area High School softball team has its sights set on another successful season. Although Kutztown isn’t known for its outstanding athletic record, softball has been a bright spot for the school. Even a new coach being appointed two years ago did not shake things up too much for the players, they continued their excellence.  

           The team is experiencing continued ascendancy, with many victories under their belts already. A big part of their success has been the leadership from team captain Meghan Donat. “We’ve only lost a couple games this season so we’re happy. But we want more,” said Donat. “We are looking for championship success this season.” Meghan is hoping she can lead the team to the top in her senior season, her final year in Kutztown High School.

Donat seemed to have a strong positive attitude but does the whole team feel that way? Kutztown Area High School junior Alyssa Wentzel took a more critical stance. “Yes, we are having a good season,” said Wentzel, “but there are things we need to change. We need our bats to come alive again and we need to change our attitudes. Some people act like they don’t want to be here.” Obviously Wentzel believes that there needs to be some wholesale changes if postseason success is to abound around Kutztown.

           So it looks like another intriguing season for Kutztown High School softball. It’s right in the thick of the season and there are high hopes and expectations but there are also the obstacles of every sports season: injuries, fatigue, etc. Hopefully the Kutztown softball team is prepared and pushes through until they reach their ultimate goal.

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